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The Deadly Snake by draizor007 The Deadly Snake by draizor007
Name: Kevin Petrov
Nickname: Kev
Age: unknown, Claims to be 19
Origin: Russian/Japanes
Bitbeast: Apophis the demon cobra ( mix demon and cobra)

chibi drawing on the pic of his bitbeast >> , imagen bigger and more ferce and deadly)
Family: Sister ( Kari)
love interest: kari ( o_o be in shock readers)

Past:At the age of 17 him and his sister Kari were kicked out by there mother when caught him and his sister showin how much they love each other, so beacuse of this they are called worthless and judged for what they are. now they work for Boris and others at stealing bitbeasts so they can earn enough money to move out village and have home for themselfs. also as part time job they both work at bar. Kevin works behind the bar. his sister is waiter/maid

they both with to eventaly live as normal couple despite being realted and for there love be accepted.

Personality: very overproective and loving to Kari. strong willed and stubbon in what he belives is right. has abit of temper to. also has soft side.

Goal in life:
for him and his siter love be accepted by publick and not have walk down street and be jusdged and abuised D:
incest OC2`S so if you dont like dont read.everyone else does it anyways so yeah. why not me and jess to. i personaly dont care what you think about it. i think it rather sweet and unigue

keven,kari (C) :iconshadowjess: and :icondraizor007: they belong to both of us. she designed the girl and i did the boy. also only me and her are aloud to rp as them but fanart is welcome ^^

ps, the grey things on his jeans are chains and he wears a hoodie

boris and anything beyblade related belong to rightful owners
shadowjess Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe, Kari's is a lucky lucky girl to get him :'D so hot.
I'm so glad you designed him, he looks brillient! and his bitbeast chibi you drew it so epping cute! I was in 'aw' while you was drawing it o3o also ;D i so want his jacket, the colours you picked for it look great!
I shall link Kevin in Kari's profile now >D
draizor007 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010
hehe thank you ^^ happy you like him. do you like bitbeast name. it actaly name of demon snake in eygpt. but im happy you like. i shal link back later

forgive speling mistakes >>
shadowjess Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooo~ snazzy ;D very nice.

Lmao thats ok xD
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July 8, 2010
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